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Type 1
Floor Channel


  • Floor Channel - Aluminium – 45 x 120 x 2500mm long
  • Glass – 12 or 15mm Toughened
  • Fixing Holes – the base is pre-drilled @ 100mm centres with 12mm diameter countersunk holes.
  • Base Fixings – depends on floor - timber, concrete or steel. Fixings by others
  • Cuts - we can cut the floor channel to length and/or 90 degree mitre corners
  • White Shoe - plastic “L” shoe sits in channel which the glass sits on 10 no. per 2500mm length
  • Gasket - insert smaller gasket cover strip to the same side as the white shoe.
  • Glass - fit glass panels, allow approx 5 to 10mm vertical gap between panels
  • Corners – glass panels, vertical edge is not mitred. Panels (polished all round) are fitted next to each other at corners
  • Secure Glass - insert blue wedge to secure the glass panel. 10 no. per 2500mm length. There are two sizes of wedge. One for 12mm glass and one for 15mm glass.
  • Tighten – there is a special tool to tighten the wedge. The tool is placed on the wedge which is then struck by a hammer on the disc strike plate. This avoids hitting the glass
  • Gasket – insert gasket cover strip
  • Cover Plates – brushed stainless steel (grade 316). There are two sizes of top lip to accommodate the 12mm or 15mm glass dimension. Plates are secured with two prefixed self adhesive strips on the back face. There is one size of cover plate for the other side regardless of glass thickness.
  • End Caps – stainless steel, glued in place

Handrail Specs



  • Handrail and Fittings – stainless steel, grades 304 and 316
  • Rubber Insert – this fits inside the handrail which is then fitted to the top of the panel. Two sizes, one for 12mm and one for 15mm glass
  • Connections – there are a variety of handrail connection components which are all brushed stainless steel – tube connector, end caps, flange ends, adjustable elbows for up & down angles, 90 degree elbows. Joints are glued with threadlocker glue, which we can supply.

Fit & Finish

Professional Fit & Finish

A Stunning Finish and Fitment installed by our Pro team of staff.

Supplied & Fitted

We will both Supply and Fit the Glass and relevant fixtures where and when you need them.

Variety of Specs to Choose From

With 4 Toughened Glass thicknesses, Handrail sizes, connection components and more. You can be sure to have a perfect looking and performance.

Type 2


  • Posts, Handrails & Fittings – 48mm diameter brushed stainless steel
  • Grades – 304 (Internal) & 316 (External)
  • Posts – supplied with base plates welded in position
  • Posts & Handrails – Options (a) supplied cut to size (b) cut on site (c) site size/mark and we cut (5) Base plate: 2no 11mm dia. holes & 2no 5mm dia. holes all at 75mm centres
  • Base fixings – depends if timber, concrete or steel. Fixings by others.
  • Glass – 10 or 12mm toughened
  • Glass clamps - fitted to posts with M8 socket head screws. Posts are pre-drilled and tapped to accept the socket screw.
  • Push/Fit joints – glued with Wurth thread locker. Joints must be thoroughly cleaned and dried, apply glue evenly wiping off any excess. Propping/taping of joints recommended so joints doen’t open. Set joints with a hot air gun.
  • Support Tube – handrail should be drilled and taped to accept s/s machine screw (by others) (11) Support Pins – must be used in glass clamps where glass panels are out with/overhang past a staircase, floor, landing or similar


Stainless steel is not generally maintenance free. A light and regular wash is best to remove deposits (such as salt) which can cause corrosion. As a guide, stainless steel should be washed if the glass requires cleaned.

For best results wash with warm soapy water, rinse well and wipe dry. It is essential that abrasive cleaners or those containing chlorides or bleach are not used as they will damage the surface

Handrail Specs



As a rule of thumb heights are Domestic 900mm to top of handrail Commercial 1100mm to top of handrail

We advise you check with Building Control for local rules and regulations