Protecting your Guarantee for up to 10 years

Without insurance backing a company’s guarantee is worthless if they go out of business. When having home improvement works carried out on your property, it is essential to make sure an insurance policy is in place and given to you, by way of business, as part of the overall sale to protect you from unforeseeable circumstances.

This is the best form of protection. However, there are many companies that only ‘offer’ this service and do not give it, leaving many homeowners believing they are covered when they are not.

The guarantee given by the CPA member company is valid the whole time they are trading and so any defects should be corrected by them.

If, due to the liquidation, receivership, administration or winding up of the business due to bankruptcy, state retirement or death of the principal(s), the company no longer exists, faults appearing after they cease to trade will be covered by the IBG. Depending on the work undertaken the IBG is available for a period up to 10 years.

Think Safe & Reliable Contractors. Think CPA.


An Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) is valuable protection in the unlikely event of the Consumer Protection Association member ceasing to trade.


The CPA offer a range of services to protect the consumer when purchasing home improvements, delivering complete peace of mind from beginning to end, and beyond.

The CPA are not tied to any particular trade and therefore our protection schemes apply to a wide range of products and services.

Only dealing with proven and accredited contractors, the CPA fully vet them for professional competence and integrity which continues throughout the life of their membership.