Kitchens by Esk

Kitchens By Esk offers a vast range of kitchen styles that are affordable, modern and contemporary and available in styles to suit any home. They are made to measure and specific to the needs of our customers.

Kitchens By Esk aim to ensure that your Kitchen is not just a room for cooking but one that you will love to spend time in by optimising the space available and integrating this into your home.

Kitchen Styles

Contemporary Kitchen
Cabinets are composed of minimal ornamentation and flat surfaces. The style is intentionally non-traditional. Contemporary kitchen designs date from the 1940s to the present, and trace many of their stylistic origins in Europe.

Cottage Kitchens
Timeless and beautiful, cottage kitchens exemplify an inviting and relaxed setting. Cottage style kitchens tend to be more feminine in appearance than their slightly more rustic country counterparts.

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Country Kitchens
Some kitchens are made to be admired at a distance; Country kitchens are made to be used. Their down-to-earth style and lived-in looks make country kitchens among the most comfortable and inviting rooms to be in.

Craftsman Kitchen
Cabinets are defined by simple lines, rugged construction, and very little excess ornamentation.

European Kitchen
Cabinets feature contemporary styling and industrial looks. On the cutting edge of modern design and engineering, minimalistic but highly functional.

Gourmet Kitchens:
Meant to inspire budding chefs and for individuals who like luxury cooking environments, Deluxe appliances, large working islands, and food prep zones are expertly arranged in gourmet kitchens.

Italian Kitchens
Using rich, traditional colors of the old country, Italian kitchens make an inviting environment for both cooking and conversations.

Modern kitchen designs
Featuring flat surfaces, geometric forms, and minimal ornamentation. While wood veneer and stone are occasionally used, materials in modern kitchens are more often man-made, including plastic, metal, concrete, and glass.”

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