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Esk Glazing Patio Doors are one of the most popular ways of making a feature of your house. Simply use a patio door as an escape to your garden, or enhance the front of your home with a sliding patio door...

Open up your internal living space to the great outdoors with the a sliding patio door. Our patio door combines safety and convenience whilst offering the ideal vantage point for a great view of your garden. Where space is limited a patio door is ideal, as the door slides open to one side rather than opening out.

Patio Door Info

Opening Facility

Bi-fold doors feature one or two master panes, and can open independently of the folding facility; serving as a standard entrance or ‘traffic’ door.

Fold & Slide Facility

The panes can then be folded back on themselves and moved across the roller track to create a full and open access.

All door panes are fitted to a durable double-track roller system for enhanced strength, and to ensure a smooth and consistent operation.

The sculptured frame retains the advantages of modern PVCu materials and gives a stylish look to any home.

Eco Friendly
Bespoke Styles To Suit

For additional security:

Bi-fold doors are manufactured from high-performance 70mm aluminium profile systems, and offer enhanced strength, durability and mechanical performance. Multi-point locking systems and advanced gearings (tested to PAS 24 requirements) are fitted as standard to all folding panes of the bi-fold door, ensuring only the highest levels of safety and security for your home. Select a toughened or laminate option for your glazed units as an additional safety feature. Bespoke door furniture options are available including a flush ‘pop out’ handle designed for multi-pane stacking and added visual appeal. Door panes are fitted to an advanced double-track roller system for enhanced safety and stability. Manufactured from tough and durable materials, bi-fold doors will retain their colour, shape and performance throughout the years.

Energy Performance

All products in our Inliten Windows and Doors range are designed to meet the sustainability demands of the current climate by reducing waste energy emissions. Aluminium products feature multi-chambers and thermal breaks within the profile helping to reduce energy and heat loss. Bi-fold doors may be fitted with 28mm to 40mm double or triple glazed units and feature high-performance Soft Coat glass as standard; helping to reflect internal heat back into the home whilst absorbing solar energy from the outside. Bi-fold doors offer triple glazed U-values as low as 1.6 w/m2K; ensuring savings on home heating bills and reduced carbon emissions.

Bespoke Styles to Suit

Bi-fold doors are manufactured to bespoke size and style requirements, and are available with multiple pane options ranging from 2 to 7 (8 or more panes may be available upon request). Door panes can be arranged in a variety of configurations, including: stacked to the left, stacked to the right, or split stacked on both sides. Designed for convenience, bi-fold doors may be manufactured as open in or open out, and are available with single or double master-door options. Bi-fold doors feature a soft line finish, offering a classic aluminium appearance. Designed to complement all house types, bi-fold doors can be further personalised with a RAL colour-coated finish of your choice.

Hardware & Furniture Options

A range of high-performance hardware and furniture options are available, designed to complement the bi-folding door and ensure a hassle-free operation.In addition to the classic lever/lever handle, a ‘pop out’ handle is also available. Designed for convenience and aesthetic appeal, the pop-out handle sits flush against the frame surface and can be engaged when required to futher facilitate multi-pane stacking. Door panes feature 4 stainless-steel wheels as standard and are fitted to a double-track roller system; ensuring the door operates smoothly and consistently upon every use.

Colour Options

Patio Door Colour options

Threshhold Info

Threshold Options

Bi-fold doors can be manufactured to specific size and style requirements. Leaf sizes can range from a minimum width of 500mm to a maximum width of 1200mm. Select left, right or split stacked panes with the option of one or two traffic doors.

A range of threshold options are also available, including low thresholds designed for disabled access and suitable for interior use.

Bi-fold doors can be manufactured to specific size and style requirements. Leaf sizes can range from a minimum width of 500mm to a maximum width of 1200mm. Select left, right or split stacked panes with the option of one or two traffic doors.

A range of Applications

Alternate Patio Info

Featuring both a folding and sliding opening facility, bi-fold doors offer extra space and unrestricted access to and from the property.

Opening Congifurations

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