Light Control Collection

Stylish and minimal, these 25mm aluminium venetian blinds are presented in 5 popular colours. Every element of these crafted blinds has been addressed with colour co-ordinating tassels and wands.

For those looking for something unique, Sunvent offers an ultra-stylish finish through adding tapes. These bespoke 10mm tapes can create luxurious aluminium venetians through matching tape colour to slat or dramatise a window through the use of contrasting colours.


Make a statement with your aluminium venetians with Sunvent.


Brand Details

  • Components:Aluminium
  • Colours: 5
  • Textures: Metal
  • Styles:25mm Aluminium Venetians

safety & practicality

Focused on Child Safety

We ensure the potential hazards posed by unrestrained cords and chains are understood and eliminated.

Designed with Care

In line with legislation, each blind is carefully considered on an individual basis, to ensure child safety is an essential feature.

Peace of Mind

Throughout the range of brands you can be confident that the product choices you make are child safety focused.

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