Sunwood Alumitex

The inspirational Sunwood Collection offers unprecedented choice in luxury wood venetians and creates a look truly unique to each interior style.

The neutral characteristics of wood venetian blinds have a universal appeal, bringing warmth and richness to your décor. There continues to be a huge demand for wood venetians, being the perfect window dressing to complement many different interior styles.

Emulating a sophisticated wood grain offering or a contemporary smooth finish Sunwood Faux Wood created using high quality PVC offer the perfect solution for areas of high moisture.

Offering 5 diverse and beautifully crafted collections, reflecting the perfection of their native origins, Sunwood brings nature alive inside.

Traditionalists may prefer the refined beauty of Sunwood’s Essential Collection – a core wood venetian offering. Perfectionists will no doubt love the flawless form of Sunwood Perfect Grain, while the Soft Grain collection shows off the wood’s natural characteristics and texture – providing a more rustic feel.


Brand Details

  • Components: PVC, Wood
  • Colours:5
  • Textures: PVC / Wood Grain
  • Styles:PVC / Wood Venetians

safety & practicality

Focused on Child Safety

We ensure the potential hazards posed by unrestrained cords and chains are understood and eliminated.

Designed with Care

In line with legislation, each blind is carefully considered on an individual basis, to ensure child safety is an essential feature.

Peace of Mind

Throughout the range of brands you can be confident that the product choices you make are child safety focused.

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